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The VERA™ For Enterprise solution at Validas was a powerful analytics tool that provided valuable insight into an enterprise’s wireless voice, data and text usage, all charges, device inventory, plan inventory, taxes and fees and which networks calls were made on. VERA also provided enterprises the ability to view this data via multiple trending views which provided valuable insight into their wireless usage allowing enterprises to manage their account in the most cost effective manner.

Validas’ customers included wireless carriers, medium sized businesses, enterprise accounts and even State Governments. By utilizing the powerful analytics that VERA provided, Validas was able to help save millions of dollars for it’s clients. Possibly the best part of VERA is that Validas did all the work loading the data into VERA for it’s customers and worked with all VERA clients to help them save money every month on their wireless spend by providing custom plan recommendations using the information VERA presented.

My Contribution

As the Chief Technology Officer at Validas, I took the lead in designing the entire backend architecture that would power VERA. I also worked with Leif Jensen (Dir. of Product) and Todd Dunphy (President) in creating the features that VERA would need to present to her customers. We leveraged Todd’s experience in the wireless industry as well as feedback from our existing customers to ensure VERA delivered all the features and functionality our clients needed to best manage their wireless spend.

I was involved in both leading the software engineering team and serving as an individual contributor to the implementation of this project. Given the technical nature of the product, I was also heavily involved in the market research and customer development efforts, feature roadmap planning, and the financial modeling of operation cost projections and pricing models. Due to our small team, I was also involved in researching and selecting external vendors to help Validas deliver VERA to it’s clients in a timely manner.

Developing the main components of VERA was roughly a 6-month project, however it was also much bigger then that. VERA was designed from the ground up based on the shortcomings of Validas’ prior solutions for analyzing enterprise accounts. Utilizing all the information we had our backend system was re-designed in preparation for VERA being launched. This was roughly a 6-month project as well and was well worth the effort as the engine that powered VERA is extremely efficient and powerful with the capability to process wireless accounts with any number of wireless phone numbers. The largest account VERA has processed had roughly 43k wireless phone numbers. In fact, this same engine also powered our SaveLoveGive consumer solution and currently powers the Validas API service.

My biggest areas of individual contribution in software development included:

  • Architecting and building the SQL Server that powered VERA
  • Building a data normalization engine
  • Building the data access logic
  • Building a Windows GUI to allow account managers to load data into VERA
  • Building the API that the VERA UI interacted with

Technologies used in this project:

  • Windows
  • C#
  • Silverlight 5
  • SQL Server 2012
  • Couchbase – document-oriented NoSQL database
  • IIS
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) – cloud computing

Also check out some of the pitch material Leif created for this project.

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