About Me

My name is Jeremy Groh and I am currently a Founder and Principal Engineer at Facet Digital.

After graduating from college I took a position as a Cable Station Manager with Tyco Telecommunications traveling around the world to install, configure, troubleshoot and maintain an undersea fiber optics network.

While working at Tyco Telecommunications, I consulted for local small health care businesses designing, implementing, and maintaining their business networks and corporate websites. During this time, I designed and implemented a number of successful products including a custom patient scheduling program, a membership-tracking program, and a program to calculate body mass index using a hydrostatic weighing technique.

I later transitioned to Tyco Electronics as an IT Operations Analyst II to follow my true passion for software development. While at Tyco Electronics I worked on a team developing, managing, and supporting all company infrastructure items such Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange, Blackberry Enterprise Server, over 350 intranet websites, intranet search engine, fax solutions, IM clients and servers, and Microsoft SQL Servers.

After Tyco Electronics, I was a founding member and the Chief Technology Officer of Validas, a cloud-based SaaS company that performs large-scale mobile data analytics for Fortune 5000 companies. During my tenure, I helped Validas build and manage a software development team, manage strategic technology partnerships, and secure millions of dollars in funding. Under my technical direction, the Validas engineering team was able to modernize existing relational database systems and migrate to highly-available, scalable NoSQL solutions, which enabled them to scale consumer-facing products to handle millions of hits overnight. I was also a key individual contributor to the architecture and implementation of all the cloud-based enterprise and consumer products at Validas.

As a startup CTO, I have gained a solid understanding of the principles of project management, lean startup, agile software development, software engineering leadership, creating and managing budgets, and starting and growing a business.

I’m passionate about technology, my family and sports. I love the Philadelphia Flyers, Penn State Nittany Lions, Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Orioles and the US National soccer team.

I can be reached via email at jeremygroh9 at gmail.com or on Twitter at @jgroh9 or on Github

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