Resources for learning Rubymotion

Here is a short post on some resources you can use to get started using RubyMotion. If you are a Ruby developer and know nothing about iOS development, but want to develop an iOS app then I highly recommend you get a subscription to RubyMotion and utilize some of the following resources to get started. You don’t need to know objective-c to get started although it will help you to understand the syntax as most code examples you will find on sites like Stackoverflow will be in objective-c. It’s quite easy to convert the objective-c syntax to syntax that RubyMotion understands so spending some time to learn the objective-c syntax will be worth it.

To get started I would recommend the following free tutorial by Clay Allsopp

The best resource, in my opinion, to learn RubyMotion would be to purchase the RubyMotion: iOS Development with Ruby book also by Clay Allsopp. The book can be purchased at PragProg.

Another great book you should consider purchasing is called RubyMotion iOS Development Essentials by Abhishek Nalwaya. The book can be purchased here. While some of the content in this book is the same as the RubyMotion: iOS Development with Ruby book there are plenty of new topics in this book and it does provide some better examples in my opinion.

If you are a visual learner, which most of us are, I would recommend checking out the video tutorials over at

Finally, once you are up and running with RubyMotion. You will want to head over to and explore all the wrappers that are available to make development even easier and quicker than it already is with RubyMotion. Some of the must have wrappers that I recommend using in every project would be BubbleWrap and Sugarcube.

That’s it for now and good luck in your iOS development with RubyMotion.

If you don’t have the time to learn RubyMotion or objective-c to create your own apps feel free to contact Facet Digital and we’d be happy to discuss your needs and build an app for you.

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