Monthly Archives: June 2013 vs. – .NET Error Logging Comparison

Today I’m going to talk about two SAAS based error logging solutions for .NET; and I was recently contacted by the community manager for Raygun and was asked to give their solution a try. I was already using

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Auto-Incrementing Keys with NoSQL Solutions

Today I’d like to follow up on one of my previous posts on Couchbase Keys and talk a little bit about creating auto-incrementing keys in NoSQL solutions. I’ll focus on Couchbase as that is one of the NoSQL solutions I

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Optimistic Locking with Couchbase

Today I’d like to spend some time covering how to handle optimistic locking using the .NET Couchbase client. Couchbase covers optimistic locking pretty well when talking about the CAS (check and set) method options they have within their documentation. I

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